TxC – Turn Off The Lights

Talented South African duo, Tarryn Reid and Clairise Hefke, collectively known as TxC publishes a new music project dubbed “Turn Off The Lights.”

“Turn Off The Lights,” by TxC houses six outstanding tracks with feature appearance from Davido, Leemckrazy, Optimist Music ZA, FigoxBabu, Djy Biza, Dinky Kunene, Buddy Kay, Lady and others.


  1. Shine (feat. Djy Biza, Dinky Kunene, FigoxBabu)
  2. Glory (feat. Tumelo.za, Dinky Kunene, Tony Duardo, Buddy Kay & Lady Steezy)
  3. Yebo (feat. Davido, LeeMckrazy, Djy Biza & Leemckrazy)
  4. Thula Nana (feat. LeeMckrazy, Tony Duardo, Optimist Music ZA)
  5. Turn Off The Lights (feat. Tony Duardo)
  6. I Like It (feat. Unlimited Soul)

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