Trending Dance Steps In Nigeria, With Tutorial Videos To Learn Them

Dancing just like music has become one thing of almost every human being today would like to know with youths at the fore front of knowing how to perform trending dance moves.

Unlike before that dancing are left specially for the those were seen as talented in dancing, nowadays you can easily join the wave of trending dance steps by watching a couple of its tutorials online.

Just imagine you were at a friends party and suddenly the dance floor got serious but everyone was just looking at one particular guy, yea you guessed right he was dancing the latest dance moves and everybody would always like to watch and learn.

So if you want stay updated to the current trending dance steps and probably be that guy馃憜 everytime then visit our website regularly for more of this.

Now lets give you the trending ones currently.

1. Shaku Shaku

Frankly speaking no one knows actually who brought this interesting dance step but we know for sure it was popularized by few celebrities thereby made it go viral.

To say that shaku shaku is danced all the country and even abroad is an understatement, and so its not quite surprising that almost everybody would like to learn the dance steps to shaku shaku.

Infact to show how popular it was and the attention it got, Shaku Shaku has lifted so many musicians and other entertainers to give them the popularity their wanted.

Many Nigerian musicians, comedians and even footballers both in africa and the world has all learnt the interesting dance move so why don’t you learn it if your haven’t?.

Watch tutorial video below:

2. Zanku (Legwork)

Zanku, almost sounding the same with Shaku Shaku dance but they are not, infact it is a difficult thing to switch from shaku shaku dance to this particular dance step although experts on the two dance moves do it with ease.

This particular dance step was said to have been a major shotdown to shaku shaku and became even more interesting and popular than it.

This was alleged by Zlantan, a Nigerian musician who was notable for his viral song on the Zanku dance and so takes the credit of making the dance step popular.

Who invented Zanku dance? Many hands points at comedian, AY and also confirmed it himself that Zanku was the dance steps he do make while coming to the stage to perform on his comedy shows. While Zlantan did the work of making it go viral.

Watch tutorial video below:

3. Kpakujemu

Kpakujemu is an amazing dance steps introduced by Nigerian rapper and YBNL boss, Olamide early in August 2018.

This unique dance steps was introduce in his hit single “Motigbana” which recieved massive airplay through out the whole of last year.

Olamide has been a core and well known lover of dances as he has being a unique promoter of other popular dances steps which includes “Shaku Shaku”, “Zanku” and even shoki and so this one coming from him is nothing to have mixed feeling if its going to be another mind blowing dance move or not.

Kpakujemu has since taken to street and if you don’t want to be told about this dance by friends then you should learn it first.

Watch tutorial video below:

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